We are always excited about meeting new patients and helping them get started on their journey towards a healthy, beautiful smile. We go the extra mile to make your visits in our office informative, fun and as stress free as possible. If you would like to experience the very best in orthodontic care, we invite you to call us to schedule your first visit.

When you visit our office for the first time, you will first meet our New Patient Treatment Coordinators. They are super friendly, love meeting new patients and will help you will feel at home right away. They will take photographs of your smile and teeth, then one of our Doctors will do an orthodontic examination. The photographs will help Dr. Bill or Dr. Todd explain to you what he observed during his examination. In some cases, Dr. Wright might want to see a panoramic film. If you have had a recent panoramic film at your dentist, we will have them send us a copy. If not, we will take one.

Baseline information will be gathered and will include an analysis of your teeth, bite, oral musculature, possible skeletal discrepancies or deformities and any etiological factors such as oral habits that affect your orthodontic health. Our awesome New Patient Treatment Coordinators will then spend time with you showing what we can do to help you get started towards your goal, by discussing costs of treatment, any insurance you might have, and how we can help make getting you started in your treatment possible!

You will thoroughly enjoy your first visit! We are eager to help you feel comfortable and to show you how to become one of our valued patients and get you on your way towards achieving a confident beautiful smile!