At Wright Orthodontics our mission is to provide our patients with the very best in treatment options. One of the more recent advances in orthodontics that we have fully embraced is the utilization of temporary anchor devices.
Temporary anchor devices (TADs) have expanded the range of traditional orthodontics allowing our office to make corrections that in many cases that in the past were either not achievable or were only achievable with more aggressive treatment including surgery.

Small titanium TADs are strategically placed by our doctors. Because they know where they are needed, the use of properly positioned TADs can greatly improve efficiency (speed) and effectiveness (results). Not all patients have the need for this additional treatment, but many patients in our office have benefited from this treatment. Dr.’s William and Todd Wright have spent many hours in continuing specialty training and have placed hundreds of these anchor devices. They have the experience you expect should your treatment benefit from TAD usage.

If you have previously been told that your treatment was not achievable with traditional orthodontics or required surgery, we just might have an alternative option for you. If you have questions or would like more information about Temporary Anchor Devices, call today to schedule a consultation at one of our three locations, Vernal, Heber City or Roosevelt at 435-789-5070. Dr. William and Dr. Todd Wright and their skilled team members will be happy to answer your questions!