Brackets (braces) might look the same to the casual observer, however they are not all the same. You wouldn’t use the same tool, for example a hammer to fix different problems, would you? Comparing this example to orthodontics, using one tool to fix all bite and teeth problems would be fine if every patient had the same bite or crowding problems.

Most modern braces have a “prescription” which is designed to move teeth to a finished position. Many offices use one prescription for all patients. At Wright Orthodontics, treat each patient with what is called Variable Prescription Orthodontics. We carry an inventory of multiple prescription brackets for each tooth. We work very hard and go the extra mile to make sure that the braces that we use on each of your teeth are selected to correct the position of each individual tooth based on its very own specific pre-treatment position.

The right bracket (tool) placed with our specialized indirect bonding technique (see indirect bonding) insures that every single tooth has a hand selected prescription bracket that is properly positioned on the tooth. What does all this mean for you? This means we are set up for success from the very first day braces are placed! This means we are laser focused for better efficiency (faster) and effectiveness (better) when it comes to your treatment! In our office we work hard behind the scenes to be the very best and are committed to personalized specific treatment for each and every patient.

For more information on Variable Prescription Orthodontics and how this can benefit you, call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. William and Todd Wright and their team at one of our three locations in Vernal, Heber City and Roosevelt at 435-789-5070.