As part of Wright Orthodontics commitment to be the very best and use the very best, we have embraced new cutting edge digital intra-oral scanning technology.

Intraoral three-dimensional scans create a “digital” impression that is highly accurate. Instead of having to use traditional impression material, a scan of the teeth can be made in minutes. Since nearly all traditional impressions contain one or more errors, digital 3-D scans increase accuracy and efficiency. Digital image files can be emailed to the laboratory for faster more accurate appliance construction. Diagnosis and simulated treatment outcomes can more easily be accomplished. Final records can be stored indefinitely which gives us the ability to order replacements for replace lost or broken retainers with a simple phone call.

For more information on 3-D intra-oral scanning technology and how it can be used to make your experience more pleasant, call our office at 435-789-5070 to schedule a consultation with us. Let us show you first hand how much the industry is changing to your benefit!