Office Contests


Brace yourself SUMMER IS COMING!

Next time you're in the office identify the summer "Hot Spots" in the pictures on the board. The person with the most correct answers will win a Bucket full of Summer Fun!

Contest runs May 1- June 30th 



The Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the office! Next time you're in, keep a count of how many eggs you find during your appointment! Closest guess to the actual amount of eggs that are hidden will win a Rec Center Pass!  

Contest runs March 1 - April 28th 2017



I Just like to SMILE!

Smiling's my FAVORITE!!!

Next time you're at the office take a sELFie on our selfie station and share it to be entered in a drawing!

Contest ends December 31st 


October is National Orthodontic Month!

Next time you're in the office check out our "Too Spooky For Braces" Board and test your luck at guessing how many vampire teeth are in the jar!